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The Menopause Lifestyle Coach

The Menopause Lifestyle Coach

For women who would like a more thorough and supportive programme to manage their symptoms and maintain long-term lifestyle goals with a combination of nutrition advice and regular pilates sessions. Menopause pilates can make a huge difference in the way you feel about yourself combined with changes to your nutrition.

My programme will allow you to feel supported for either 6 or 12 weeks (or longer if you would like). Every week you will have a 45-minute online live Pilates class and every 2 weeks a nutrition follow-up call. 

How The Package Works


Ahead of our consultation, you will receive a detailed electronic health questionnaire and a three-day food diary to complete.


During our consultation, we will spend approximately 60-90 minutes going over your past and present medical, dietary, peri/menopausal symptoms and lifestyle history, including your energy levels, mood, and sleep patterns.


I aim to understand more about you, your body, your needs and your goals. The more information I have, the more personalised and accurate your plan will be; allowing me to address any nutritional and lifestyle imbalances.


Following our consultation, I will provide you with a clearly defined personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan, this is essential and will meet your specific needs.


The Menopause Lifestyle Approach will provide you with realistic and most importantly achievable goals.


  • You will understand how a lifestyle approach to midlife can improve your perimenopause or menopause symptoms.

  • Advice on what foods you can add to your diet to support any changes you may be experiencing.

  • I will give you inspiration and guidance for positive lifestyle changes that can aid better sleep and improve your mood as well as movement ideas and mindfulness techniques.

  • Food inspiration that you can easily integrate into your daily meals.

  • A tailor-made supplement plan (if needed).

  • Meal ideas, recipes, and links to other resources are all included in the plan.

  • If, after our consultation, it is advised that you need to be referred to other specialists like a menopause GP or a pelvic floor specialist, a referral letter can be written.


A copy of your bespoke plan and all supporting documents will be sent to you within 5 days of your consultation with me.


Everything we discuss is in the strictest confidence.




No matter your level of pilates, you will receive a 30-minute initial virtual pilates class with me, where I can teach you menopause pilates exercises and movement ideas! The exercises you will be given will be menopause specific to enhance your mobility, balance, function and strength for the future.

After this introduction class, you can join me for a live 45-minute weekly online group Pilates class and have access to the recording which you can continue to use for the duration of your package and for 3 months after finishing your package. 


You can also have as many private classes as you like to help you feel supported during this time (this will be in addition to the initial cost).


The Menopause Lifestyle Coach
The Menopause Lifestyle Coach
The Menopause Lifestyle Coach
Healthy Salad

Nutrition and Pilates




15 mins

Where we can discuss your nutrition and pilates needs and goals and how I believe the Menopause Lifestyle Approach can help, empower and improve your life, so you can continue to live the way you want to!



1- 1

60-90 mins

Discuss and review your medical and food history


Analyse your diet, and discuss your food habits and challenges


Identify and discuss your perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms and how nutrition and lifestyle changes can make positive changes


Make personalised and achievable goals based on your needs


Create personalised nutrition advice and lifestyle plan to assist you in achieving your goals and aspirations (this will be emailed to you post-consultation - allow 5 days)


Book your follow-up nutrition appointments


Book your  30-minute private Pilates introduction class and subsequent group classes (either online or in person).




30-45 mins

Every 2 weeks post your initial consultation, for either 6 weeks or 12 weeks (depending on your package), we will discuss:


· How the plan has been working for you


· Review your symptoms and discuss how you are feeling


· Review your goals and make any changes you would like


· Amend your plan to what we discussed in this session and ensure it can support your ongoing progress


This allows me to give you a supported personalised lifestyle approach so you thrive, and feel empowered and strong – both mentally and physically



You will initially have a 30-minute private pilates class which can be either online or at your home (if you live locally). I will introduce you to Pilates and we will go over the principles of Pilates specific to you and your needs.


Or if you have already been to Pilates before, I can introduce you to my Pilates method that is specific to you and menopause. 

After your introduction class, you are welcome to join the online weekly Pilates classes and access the recording if you are unable to join us. You will have access to the library of recordings for the duration of your package as well as for 3 months after your package has finished. Allowing you to continue your Pilates journey and maintain healthy lifestyle movement changes. 

Alternatively, you can join the local classes I currently offer. 


6 WEEKS £475

12 WEEKS £650

To join the locally run classes will be an additional cost, please enquire.

Private classes, please discuss this with me during your discovery call.

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