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As a nurse, nutritionist and pilates instructor you can trust that my personalised lifestyle approach will give you the essential tools to ensure that you have a strong lifestyle foundation that will support your body and mind as you move towards midlife, menopause and beyond.   

My passion for perimenopause and menopause education started when I reached 40, I decided that I wanted to know everything there was to know about menopause. This was mainly because it was not something that I remember had ever been discussed at home or in any education system that I had attended and I wanted to know how and why my body was going to change.


I started attending menopause nutrition and pilates courses, educating myself on all the information out there regarding menopause and it quickly became a passion.

Being passionate about menopause resulted in me chatting with women and asking them about their experiences and it was truly shocking to discover how many women were suffering from a lack of knowledge and understanding about perimenopause and menopause.


I quickly realised that I could put all my transferable skills from nursing, being a nutritionist and being a pilates instructor into a package that can give women the help they need. I work alongside doctors, pelvic floor specialists and other movement coaches to enable my clients to have a truly holistic approach.

I absolutely love my job and find it an honour to work with women during their transition, I believe women can become more powerful through education, nutrition, and movement.


Menopause should not be a taboo subject, spoken about behind doors or embarrassed about. Women should feel empowered, and informed, and have the support they and their families need to make the best decisions for themselves.

I aim to create a community where women can be free to ask questions, gather knowledge and impart their experiences. My expertise in nutrition, nursing and pilates will enable you to be in control of your menopause by making informed, long-term lifestyle decisions to feel empowered through this stage and beyond.

Here's a bit about my background...

I am a New Zealander living in Oxfordshire with my husband, 2 children and 2 dogs. I love great food, outdoor family adventures and all movement, especially mountain biking, trail running, weight training, yoga, and of course pilates!

I am a qualified nurse and have specialised in surgical and cardiovascular nursing, as well as women’s health, and emergency medicine, however, I now focus on helping women as the Menopause Lifestyle Coach. This allows me to understand medical conditions and their impact on your health allowing me to tailor my Lifestyle Approach to your health.

I have an MSc in Applied Human Nutrition and I am part of the Association for Nutrition as an Associate Nutritionist, I regularly attend nutrition and menopause courses and review scientific papers to ensure that the information I give you is current, relevant and specific to you. 

I am an experienced STOTT mat pilates instructor who has attended many courses related to movement, function and menopause. I can adapt any exercise to your current condition, understand the importance of movement and give realistic goals to help you achieve your health, movement and pilates goals.

The Menopause Lifestyle Coach
The Menopause Lifestyle Coach
The Menopause Lifestyle Coach
The Menopause Lifestyle Coach
The Menopause Lifestyle Coach
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