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You may have heard about perimenopause but how do you know if you are perimenopausal? Menopause is used so much in the media but perimenopause not so much. You can be perimenopausal for around 10 years and your symptoms generally start in this stage, which can last well past your menopause.


What can be tricky during this time is that you are generally living a very busy life, anyway, and it’s hard to know if it is this busyness causing you to feel overwhelmed or if it is perimenopause, to be honest, it is probably a bit of both! You can be juggling:

  • aging parents 

  • high-flying careers

  • parenting children of any age

  • running households

  • keeping everything together

  • AND everything else

It is easy to see why you can start to feel overwhelmed, not be sleeping well, find anxiety creeping in, and feel as though you lack motivation for any type of movement. Slowly you realise that you have lost control of the life you once had or would like. ​Despite this struggle, you may also be experiencing perimenopause, especially if you are over the age of 40, or even younger. Our hormones start to change around this age so even though life can be overwhelming you are also feeling the effect of this hormonal shift. 

An easy way to know if you are perimenopause, and it doesn't have to do with period changes, is to start to track your symptoms. I have amalgamated a few of my trusted menopause symptom trackers to this one. It's up to you how often you want to track your symptoms but I would try to do it once a day or week for a month. This will give you a really good insight into how your symptoms differ around your cycle. It is also a great resource to take to your GP if you are thinking of going down the HRT route. 

​If you would like more advice or would like to know more about how my personalised nutrition and lifestyle approach will empower you with knowledge and advice to make effective nutritional and lifestyle changes to improve your perimenopausal symptoms, then please click HERE

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